Up until now there has been no comprehensive way to unpack and quantify reputation risk across all operational areas of an organisation.

Foresight uses a widely accepted definition of reputation risk, that is the gap between public expectations of how an organisation should manage a particular issue versus how it is actually managed. 

To quantify this risk, Foresight taps into a proprietary database of 450 scenarios across 65 reputation damaging events.  Its unique survey format examines primary reputation risk factors and what drives the severity of a reputation damaging event.

In terms of the public, Foresight measures the public’s expectation of how well the organisation should deal with certain events. 

It then examines the same scenarios within an organisation with its employees and their perception of the capability of the organisation to address the same risk event..

The difference is your reputation risk. This can be examined at an organisational level, by operational area, by issues in each operational area, and by key demographics.  

The higher the rating the more important it is that your organisation can satisfy itself it can meet community expectations.  You have now pinpointed your reputation risks.

Welcome to Foresight.  

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